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With over a combined 150 years of legal practice experience, Van Koutrik Advocaten has been an established legal firm in Amsterdam in since 1995.

We offer a comprehensive legal advice and litigation service, aimed at SMBs and private individuals.

Although each of the partners operates independently and have their own areas of expertise, we do often pool resources and consult with each other when necessary in order to optimize the quality and efficiency of our service.


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René Jonen


Hans Bos


Bernhard Voogd


Hilje Plantenga


Monica Timmermans


Joost Veltheer




Our areas of expertise:

Employment law
Employment law defines to relationship between employer and employee. This is an important and ever changing area of the law. In conflict we act either for employer or employee.

Contract law
Doing business means entering into contracts. Anything ranging from simple purchase agreements to complicated collaborative agreements. In contracts we define the respective roles of each party, offering a transparent framework of rights and duties and consequences when one party does not fulfill their obligations. Clear contracting obviously helps avoiding problems at a later stage. We are more than happy to assist you in your venture at any stage.

Debt collection
Generally speaking you naturally can expect your debtors to pay. But what if they do not or need a gentle reminder? It is quite feasible that in the current economical climate you are faced with debtors that have unfortunately run into financial difficulties. We will ensure payment by application of the appropriate measures.

Criminal law
Criminal law deals with aspects of juvenile, adolescent, adult and corporate criminal acts, such as delinquency, wrongful acts andfines. In most cases your legal defense will be automatically allocated. However this is not always the case, which is when we are happy to provide you with a robust legal defense.

Tenancy law defines the relationship between landlord and tenant of commercial and private property. The laws relating to this are specific to actual use of a property e.g. the rules concerning tenant protection and rates differ between the different type of use. We often encounter situations whereby one or both parties are unaware of the rules and end up in sometimes costly and irresolvable situations. We would like to help you achieve clarity and security when entering into a tenancy agreement.

Administrative law
This aspect of the law covers cases arising from conflicts with all types of government or governmental bodies. It also covers conflicts between civil servants and their employers. It includes applications and appeals in licensing cases.

Family law
Civil and family law concerns itself with families and family relationships in the broadest sense of the word. It covers divorce, alimony, changes to the alimony amount, separation and division of marital chattels, legal childcare status and contact agreements.


Before accepting to act on your behalf we will discuss our fees. This is usually based on an hourly rate; these rates may differ and depend on the level of specialized expertise or complication involved in your case. Out of pocket expenses such as office and administrative expenses, court fees, application dues and debt collectors fees are added separately.
You may qualify for legal-aid assistance, in which case following a positive decision by the legal–aid agency , in Dutch “de Raad voor rechtsbijstand”. The level of assistance depends on your level of income. When going to court you often will have to pay part of the court fees.
For more information go to www.rvr.org.

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